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Too much happening with your children’s hands and wrists to justify a medical id wristband? Does your child not want a bracelet that signals ‘something’s different’ with them? Fair enough! We’ve got them covered with a stainless steel medical id necklace. Just what the doctor ordered.


These stainless steel products are enormously hard-wearing, they look good and are ideal in situations where a wristband may catch or is otherwise inappropriate. They are something you can wear non-stop – the metal is hypoallergenic and the stainless steel will go through shower after shower and the daily rough and tumble of the average child with nary a bit of damage, a spot of grime or discolouration. Wash them with dish-washing soap from time to time and you’re good to go.


Making sure your children are safe is a fundamental role for every parent. Alerting carers and others to a medical condition is good risk management. Your child might have a medical condition but that doesn’t mean they need a different lifestyle to their friends. A medical necklace means if they have an event, medical personnel can quickly identify the condition, and therefore, the best way to treat your child.

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