The fine art of health without the self-denial!

Let's face it, staying healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices leads to sometimes bland choices in the kitchen. Gluten-free this, lactose-lacking that. But sometimes you just need to lash out - but what if you can lash out without paying for it the next day? Specifically - Shepherds Pie with Root-Veggie topping.

Boil some potatoes, celery, some spring onion and half a parsnip in water until soft, then process until smooth and creamy. Combine flour, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary and salt and pepper in a small bowl. Cook your mince with onions and fresh mushrooms to taste, add chopped carrots and then add the flour mixture and cook for two minutes. Stir in some seed mustard just before transferring into a baking bowl. Top with your mash mixture and cook for 25 minutes before adding cheese topping for the final ten minutes. Health with taste!

Make breakfast an especially good meal; critical if you or someone in the family suffers from debilitating disease. The five rules for a healthy breakfast are:

1. Have plenty of protein - drink the milk from your cereal bowl(!), eat a hard-boiled egg and have some whole-grain toast.

2. Eat fibre - wholegrain toast, or a good fibre-based cereal will suffice.

3. Eat enough - jamming down just a banana for breakfast doesn't cut it. Eat a rounded meal of cereal and fruit, toast and an egg.

4. Eat early - within an hour of getting up, not when you're at work. Give yourself enough time to eat a relaxed breakfast.

5. Avoid fat - bacon might send you weak at the knees but it's not the best choice. Avoid fatty foods which put on weight and play havoc with your digestive system.

If your family is battling illness that may need intervention, then consider a Mediband to alert others. It will enable medical professionals to establish the necessary treatment protocols in the event of a medical emergency.

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