Staying healthy in an unhealthy world!

Sometimes it is just plain hard work to stay healthy. You can make it a little easier by knowing what to do, what your risks are and how to make the most of the cards you're dealt. We have some interesting snippets below about action, reaction and dealing with it.  If you have a condition that others need to be aware of in a time of need, consider MedibandPlus - details here.  Your local pharmacy should also be able to help with advice on Mediband and MedibandPlus.  Find your local pharmacy that sells Medibands here.

1. Exercise helps

A diagnosis of cancer often inspires people to eat better and exercise more. The news appears to be that this really does work. More exercise, better and healthier eating helps prevent the cancer coming back. The full article here talks about the recommendations of the American Cancer Society.

2. Menopause and bone fracture risk If you reach menopause early then you may be at significantly greater risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture later in life. A 40 year study has discovered the link in the US and shows that if you reach menopause before the age of 48 you have an 80% increased risk of osteoporosis.

3. Build better water! water's good for you and we need around eight glasses a day to stay hydrated and healthy. What about a little extra zing in your water? Add flavour and vitamins by slicing a few cucumbers and crushing them with your hand into a glass? For a subtle detox lace your water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Throw some sprigs of fresh mint into a jug and keep cold water in your fridge. Drink plain soda water with crushed strawberries. There are other ideas here.

4. The Vitamin K foods! The not-so-well-know vitamin k helps reduce inflammation, insulin resistance and obesity - magic! Where do you find it? spinach, Brussels sprouts (oh well...), broccoli, cabbage and asparagus. The other foods rich in K are here, but, essentially look out green leafy vegetables.

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