How do you get noticed?

One of the many complaints sufferers of serious illnesses have is gaining public awareness of their plight - whether it be for government funding, awareness in the general community, fund raising itself, or just ensuring the community has a degree of understanding. Medibands help protect you and your family - but how do you raise awareness?

Our sister brand is Handband and the idea here is to enable community groups to raise awareness of their activities (among other things) by selling or gifting Handbands with printed messages.

The supporters and family of George Kruger wanted to bring him home from hospital. He was born with a series of congenital birth defects and after many months in hospital the family wanted him home. To raise funds and awareness, community groups, volunteers and larger charities combined resources and enabled the necessary equipment to be placed in the home. To encourage awareness of George's plight and to thank supporters, Handband was asked to provide bands with the printed message of 'I Helped Bring George Home'.

You can find out more about Handbands here and about George's story here.

If your family is battling illness that may need intervention, then consider a Mediband to alert others. It will enable medical professionals to establish the necessary treatment protocols in the event of a medical emergency.

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