Why Medibands are important

Mediband ReversiblesIf you have an illness you already know how important a quick response in time of emergency is, but it’s always good to hear it from the professionals. A recent article on a US diabetes web site quotes Shamai Grossman, M.D., Director of the Cardiac Emergency Center and Clinical Decision Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as saying that should you have a low blood glucose reaction and suddenly become confused or unresponsive, the bracelet allows immediate identification of the problem to both bystanders and paramedics. She goes on to say that one of the routine parts of the evaluation of the critically ill, unconscious, or disoriented patients is to look for the immediate cause of the reaction – and in these situations, medical alert bracelets can be invaluable as a time saver.

A Mediband  can be simple – with just a statement of your condition and any immediate needs. Or it can be more informative with our enhanced MedibandPlus  product. MedibandPlus is vital if you have a life-threatening illness that could strike at anytime. It carries a code that hospital staff can use to access the relevant medical data that you have chosen to secure in our database. It’s a simple medic alert type of bracelet and it can be as discreet – or as noticeable - as you like.

Can’t control that insatiable need for chocolate or chips? Maybe it’s not entirely your fault. A study released in June 2013 suggests that high glycemic foods like potato, pretzel, white bread and white rice can trigger further hunger and stimulate the reward section of the brain. If you’re trying to lose weight maybe avoid high glycemic foods because they’ll just make you hungrier!

Sometimes our customers are the best advertising we can do!

" Compared to the traditional Medic Alert metal bracelets and necklaces, Medibands have proved well worth the purchase. My husband is a 9 yr survivor of a brain tumour but is at risk of seizures. His arthritis meant swelling in his wrists proved difficult for him to wear a Medic Alert bracelet and as he swims for health, a necklace was out of the question. We are on to our 2nd set of Medibands , getting custom made ones. They are lite weight, eye catching, and very comfortable to wear. My husband barely notices it is on, and wears it 24/7, something he could not do with the Medic Alert."

- Linda (Auckland, New Zealand)

For families and children with a life-threatening illness, a Mediband makes a lot of sense. If you need immediate treatment and minutes will make a difference, Mediband or MedibandPlus is a must. They’re inexpensive and could save a life - see here for full details.

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