Michael Randall releases Mediband that can have allergies written on it

A MOSMAN resident had a good reaction to allergies.

Michael Randall had noticed that children with life-threatening conditions or allergies were reluctant to wear the traditional metal medical bracelets usually worn by older people.

So he came up with a colourful, lightweight design that appeals to both children and adults.

The bands are designed to warn people of the wearer's adverse health reaction to foods like peanuts and shellfish, or as an alert to conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and asthma.

Mr Randall markets the wristband through his Mediband company and recently released a Mediband which can be written on with an indelible pen.

Mosman pharmacist Suzanne Felfleh said she liked the way the wristbands appealed to children.

"The other advantage they offer is the associated MedibandPlus service which enables paramedics and medical staff direct access to critical health information," she said.

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