Keeping your family fit and healthy

With the advent of skim milk parents suddenly had a choice - but children need a certain amount of fat in their diet especially at a young age, so when can children move to low fat skim milk? The people at Kids Health answered the question by reiterating that breast is best for kids up to 1 and beyond and whole fat cow milk can be given to children from 1 - 2. After that it's your call.

If you're the typical modern family then your iPad is probably mostly in the hands of your young children. So what apps can you buy that will keep them entertained, focussed (out of your hair!?) and maybe even educate them into the bargain? The folks at Parenting are recommending Wild Kratts, an adventure series based on a tv program where your little ones can help bees pollinate flowers, wash elephants and discover where animals live - and more.

And if your children are old enough to have a phone, how do you keep track of their phone usage? The app from Bipper is called MobileKids and it allows you to monitor usage and provide parental controls.

How do you protect your children if they have a serious medical issue?  Mediband is discreet, attractive, fun for kids to wear and can protect them in a variety of situations.

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