How Can You Protect Against Skin Cancer?

The internet has brought many things; news, views and sights from sources we've never had available before. Here's this week's round up. And don't forget, if you or a family member has a medical condition, protect yourself with a Mediband - so medical assistance can assess your needs quickly.

1. Protect against skin cancer.  A new research article, highlighted in the LA Times, is pointing to aspirin as a possible barrier against skin cancers.  Taking data collected over 19 years the research paper suggests a link between taking aspirin daily and lower rates of skin cancer. The comprehensive research (and you can read more here) indicates up to 15% less cases of skin cancer in patients using aspirin for various reasons.

2. Oh, the joy of a simple recipe. Are you fed up with complicated recipes with dozens of ingredients and hours in a hot kitchen? Do you hanker after some of the foods that grandma was so good at? Same here.  So, with great pleasure, here is one of the simplest recipes ever for one of the greatest desserts ever... trifle!

3. Ever wondered what your children will do for a living?  The safest bet of all is that it won't be a career path like your own. Children today are very different in their aspirations and needs, says this article, and the workplace of the future will change dramatically to accommodate their needs for self fulfilment, a personal life and ambitions. It all sounds pretty good really!

4. The most 'popular' allergies. Did you know the product that creates the most allergies in children today is... milk? Not fatal, for sure, but who would have thought. Second is shellfish, which can be fatal, and is the most common for adults. You can read the rest of the list here.

5. The sounds of your youth.  What are you used to hearing and know so well... that your children will never know? Thankfully the Museum of Endangered Sounds is here to serve as a repository for the sounds of your youth. Dial up telephone anyone?

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