Flying with Diabetes these holidays?

diabetesIf you or someone in the family has to deal with diabetes then planning takes on a new meaning. It’s especially worrisome if you’re travelling by air with airline and airport security issues to contend with. Here’s a quick checklist of what to do:

  • Carry medication, insulin, Glucagon, delivery devices and testing equipment in your carry-on and preferably, a copy of the same pack in a friend’s carry on
  • If you use an insulin pump you are not required to remove your pump at a security point
  • Keep your diabetes supplies where you can reach them immediately, not in the overhead locker

  • Always wait until your meal is on the table in front of you before administering insulin in case there is a major unforeseen interruption
  • Note that the decreased activity while you are on the plane plus the food often results in increased blood glucose levels
  • Arrange for medibands in the language of your destination

Diabetes Medical ID Could Save Your Life

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“I am a huge fan of medibands - originally we found out about them through my 6 year old son's allergist, around 4 years ago. It made me feel much more comfortable when he was a lot younger and could wear his allergy band to kindy etc - it is a constant reminder to those who care for him that he has allergies. It also creates awareness for anyone else who happens to notice and comment, and I try and educate them about allergies too. Now that he is getting a little older, it is normal for him to wear his allergy band. It's comfortable for him and no problems at all. Keep up the great service mediband! You process orders very promptly too, prices very reasonable."

- Leanne (Queensland)

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