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How do we ensure children are safe in their daily pursuit of life when they’re out and about trying to work their way around a medical issue? Having them safe when they’re out of sight is the great parental conundrum.


There is a way!


A medical id bracelet made from food grade silicone that comes in a huge variety of shapes, colors and styles with almost every medical condition catered for is the ideal way to send your child out into the world. The bracelets are fun for them to wear (if you choose the ’right’ colour) and the silicone won’t catch, snag or jar. They’re flexible enough to be easy wearing yet tough enough to put up with the most extreme of childhood adventures.


Does your child have a medical condition or allergy we haven’t got ‘off the shelf’? Then use our customizable option to say what you need to say. Then should an event strike, teachers or medical attendees can quickly gauge what they’re dealing with and deliver the most appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

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  1. X55 STARTER Pack: Mixed In-stock Reversible & Write-on Bundle

    X55 STARTER Pack: Mixed In-stock Reversible & Write-on Bundle

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    US$ 367.00

    Sale: 76%

  2. Multibandz™ 25 pack
  3. Multibandz™ 50 pack
  4. Multibandz™ 100 pack

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