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Custom ID - Bracelets - Stainless steel from Mediband

Largest range of Custom ID Bracelets Stainless steel in one place!

Sometimes you just have to say it with style! Our medical id jewellery (or jewelry if you’re American!) is good-looking, tough as nails, and has all the room you need to state your medical condition and any action that may need to be taken.


You can choose from varied bracelet designs to dogtags and necklaces. Each style is ideal for the discreet wearer but the universal Star Of Life imagery identifies itself to medical personnel. You can live life with security – knowing that responders will assess your condition in the light of definite knowledge, not guess work.


We know, statistically, that minutes count in an emergency so having passers-by and medical responders knowing your condition gives you a head start.


If attractive jewellery is important to you, our medical jewellery will fit the bill. There’s a range of styles to suit everyone and you can go about your daily life, happy and safe.


Some of our range is customisable, so ask us to do something special for you!

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Stainless steel
Minimal Price: NZ$ 31.00
4.9 / 8 Review(s)
Mediband has the perfect Custom ID Bracelets Stainless steel for your Stainless steel requirements at the best prices. Check out Mediband's largest range of Custom Medical Alert ID Jewellery | Mediband today! For the best price and fastest shipping, shop at Mediband for Bracelets Stainless steel. Quality guaranteed. Since 2004. Shop Now at Mediband!