Mediband Kids Travel Stickers - French/English from Mediband

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Sale: 40%

Special Price 2.40


Sale: 40%

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Single-use Emergency Information Stickers

Mediband Kid's Travel Alerts

Single-use Emergency Information Stickers

Language:  French

Colour:  Red

Quantity per pack:  10


Safeguard your children when travelling

Mediband Kid's Travel Stickers are perfect for displaying contact numbers, and medical emergency details & instructions when travelling abroad. The stickers clearly display the word ‘Emergency’ in English and an alternate language, to ensure that language will not be a barrier to helping your child.


* Place on a clearly noticeable area on the clothing item.

* Medical details or instructions should be translated by a trusted local such as language-capable hotel staff, local doctor etc. to ensure details are translated correctly.

* Use a permanent marker or an oil based pen to avoid smudging when in contact with water.

Mediband recommends Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marking pens for use on all write-on products including wallet cards.


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