Allergy Alert - Reversible Write On Medical Bracelet from Mediband

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Wear your unique conditions and emergency details on your sleeve with a Write On Mediband


Wear your unique conditions and emergency details on your sleeve with a Write On Mediband

Allergies are one of the most common diseases among the general population. There are a wide range of types of allergens, as well as presenting symptoms. Some of the most common allergens are food, pollen and medications. An allergic reaction is a result of the body's immune system misdirecting its defense mechanism, resulting in the targeting of particles and substances that are harmless in the body. Antibodies bind to the allergen, and then mast cells and basophils, stimulating the mast cells and basophils to release histamine. Histamine is responsible for the occurrence of allergic symptoms, ranging from a mild irritation to the nose to a full anaphylactic episode. Even if your allergy symptoms present as a runny nose or rashes, it is still advisable to wear an Allergy Alert Medical ID Wristband, to reduce risks of allergic reactions in unfamiliar environments. 

Our Allergy Reversible Write On Medical ID Bracelets are an ideal product for anyone with an allergy, as our Write-On strip located on the inner side of the wristband allows for flexible customization of the information you feel is vital and needed on the wristband. As there are so many different types of allergies, and so many different presenting symptoms, our Write-On strip allows you to write what information that is specific to your allergy such as the type of allergy, your presenting symptoms, instructions on what to do during an allergic reaction, and a contact number. The Allergy Reversible Write-On Medical ID Bracelet is especially useful for young children, as all the necessary information that carers, teachers, friends' parents or supervising adult needs to know on how to protect your child can all be written onto your child's wristband. Wherever your child may be, at school, on a school trip, or even at a friend's house, you can be ensured that the Allergy Reversible Write On Medical ID Bracelet can alert others to what your child should be avoiding, and what to do at an emergency, and therefore lessening your worries and ensuring your child's safety even when you're not around. Protect yourself and your loved ones with a Allergy Reversible Write-On Medical Bracelet today!


Phrase 1: Allergy Alert!

Phrase 2: See medical details inside

Colour: Red

Colour Infill: White, Yellow & Silver


Phrase 1: Search Member at

Phrase 2: Medical Details/ Membership #

Write on Strip


Using permanent marker pen, write your desired phrases on the white write on strip. Mediband recommends Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker.

Submerge in boiled water for 30 seconds to set pen marking.

Please note that further writing on the band after setting in hot water will not work.

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