Diabetes - Red Reversible Write On Medical Bracelet from Mediband

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Quick Overview

Alert carers or responders to the medical condition you have and enable fast, appropriate treatment.


Stay safe

Diabetes is a medical condition that requires a certain level of treatment and lifesetyle adherence to maintain, and it can be hard to ensure your safety at all times, especially if a medical emergency occurs and you are unable to convey your vital medical information. Our Diabetes Red Reversible Write-On Medical Bracelet ensures that paramedics and other medical professionals are quickly alerted to your condition, and the wite-on strip on the inner side of the wristband allow attending medical professionals to quickly find the vital information that is specific to your health. Many people include on their write on wristband the type of diabetes they have, any presenting symptoms, the type of medication they are on, and an emergency contact number. Some include other medical conditions they may have such as an allergy to specific medications, any sort of respiratory or heart problems, anything that they feel is important information medical professionals need to know to be able to accurately assess and diagnose your situation. This allows first responders to quickly provide you with the best and most appropriate treatment, and therefore preventing any unfortunate outcomes. Protect you and your loved ones with our Diabetes Red Reversible Write On Medical Bracelets!


Phrase 1: Alert! Diabetes

Phrase 2: See medical details inside

Colour: Red

Colour Infill: Yellow, White & Silver


Write on Strip


Using permanent marker pen, write your desired phrases on the white write on strip. Mediband recommends Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker.

Submerge in boiled water for 30 seconds to set pen marking.

Please note that further writing on the band after setting in hot water will not work.

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