Diabetes Insulin Dependent Reversible Medical Bracelet from Mediband

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Stay safe

Alert carers or responders to the medical condition you have and enable fast, appropriate treatment.


Wear Your Diabetes Medical ID Alert Bracelet in Style!

Insulin Dependent Diabetes is hard to manage, as your blood sugar level has to constantly be monitored, and insulin regularly administered. It is especially hard to manage in children, and thats where our Insulin Dependent Diabetes Alert Orange Stripe Reversible Medical ID Bracelets come in handy. It is worrying for parents to send their children who have insulin dependent diabetes to school or daycare, as the children have to be checked every few hours. An Insulin Dependent Diabetes Orange Stripe Reversible Medical ID Wristband ensures family members, friends, parents, carers and teachers are alerted to your child's condition and medical needs, and thus ensuring your child safety when you're not around. If an emergency happens at a friend's house, or at school, and your child is rushed to see a doctor, their condition is easily made known to the attending medical professional by our Insulin Dependent Diabetes Orange Stripe Reversible Medical ID Wristband, ensuring the best and most appropriate treatment is provided as quickly as possible. Our Insulin Dependent Diabetes Alert Orange Stripe Reversible Medical ID Bracelets are useful for teenagers and adults as well. One big risk of insulin dependent diabetes is the possible occurence of a diabetic coma, which is caused by both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Because it can be a result of both severely high and severely low blood sugar levels, wearing a Insulin Dependent Diabetes Alert Orange Stripe Reversible Medical ID Bracelet can indicate to paramedics to immediately check your blood sugar level when you are unable to tell them about your condition, allowing them to quickly act and provide the best form of treatment. A reversible medical ID also allows you to wear your medical ID discretely, while allowing it to by easily identified by any attending medical professionals, due to the Star of Life Logo located brightly and clearly on the outer side of the wristband. The Star of Life Logo is a universally recognized Emergency Medical Services logo that is recognized by all medical professionals.

Alert carers, teachers, paramedics, or your attending physician of your condition to allow for suitable and immediate treatment. By notifying them of the type of diabetes you have, it allows for fast identification and administration of your treatment, as well as lowers the risk of a misdiagnosis or receiving the wrong treatment. The more medical information you can provide a medical professional, the better the treatment provided for you will be. Be prepared for an emergency by wearing our medical ID wristbands, and you can further enjoy your daily life, without having to worry about your safety!

If you have diabetes and are insulin dependent, you should wear a Medical Alert ID Bracelet by mediband.  Medical emergencies can strike at any time.

  • Vital Infomation in Emergencies
  • Food grade silicone - comfortable
  • Perfect for sport & Play
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Stamped with the Medical Star of Life Alert Logo & Mediband Logo

Ideal for those wanting a stylish medical ID alert bracelet or wristband!


Cross Design

Colour:  Orange & Silver

Logos: Star of Life


Phrase 1: Alert! Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Phrase 2: Alert! Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Colour Infill: White


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