Medical bracelets for Women - Stylish AND Affordable

Medical bracelets for WomenA medical ID bracelet keeps you safe should a medical event occur outside your home – it enables first responders to understand what’s happening and therefore how best to react. But let’s face it, those chunky medical bracelets aren’t really designed by women, are they!  Metallic, ungainly and one size, one shape and one style is not really something a style conscious woman necessarily wants.

Medical bracelets for Women

The good news is that Mediband bracelets are medical bracelets for women who want to choose a colour and style that suits them. You can personalise your condition on a colour to suit, you can choose thin or thick and you can have the personalisation on the outside or inside of the medic alert bracelet.  Medical bracelets for women don’t have to be boring – you can choose the brightest colours you like and, because our medical wristbands are cheap, you can order a set in whatever colours and styles suit your wardrobe.

A MedibandPlus medic alert bracelet is also worth considering if your condition is severe enough to demand it. It lets professionals access a database with your exact circumstances and the relevant information to enable the most appropriate treatment in the shortest possible time.

Our customers love our Medibands and MedibandPlus products. Here’s why:

“I ordered some medibands for myself as I recently was diagnosed with a low platelet count and am now on steroids. I am going overseas for 7 weeks so decided it would be good to wear the medibands in case of an emergency. My 14 year old son who is travelling with me feels better knowing I am wearing the bands. The communication from medibands was excellent. The bands surprisingly arrived a few days later in a well-padded envelope. It's rare to find such good customer service these days. Medibands ticks all the boxes for customer service. I will be ordering more bands and will definitely be telling all my family and friends about the great products and service you have. Cheers, Christina"

- Christina (Victoria)

Medibands are inexpensive and could save a life - see full details here.

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