First Aid Kits for Super Summer Safety

first aid kitsSummer is here! This is the time of year when the weather invites you to leave the indoors. As the sun shines strong, it’s time to plan your family trips and outdoor activities! If you love the feel of sand in your toes and ocean spray on your cheeks, head for the beach to sunbathe or play water sports. Are you a nature lover who yearns to enjoy the fresh air all day and night? If so, pack your tents and journey to your favourite camping grounds! However, no matter what type of summer outing is on your agenda, fully equipped first aid kits are a necessity.

Basic First-Aid Kits

Regardless of how you take holiday, there are many basic items to pack in all first aid kits. For both children and adults, climbing through rugged terrain may lead to falls, scrapes and cuts. You need to be prepared to clean and bandage small wounds safely.first aid kits

Do you know everything you should have in your first aid kit? Indispensable supplies should include all of the following items:

  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Adhesive Bandage
  • Dressings
  • Hypoallergenic Tape
  • Saline for Eye and Wound Irrigation
  • Cold Packs
  • Anti-Itch Ointment
  • Burn-Aid Relief

Rather than spend time putting all of these items together yourself, why not make it easier on yourself? Kit your family safely with Mediband’s series of Leisure First-Aid Kits, available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Safe Fun in the Sun

While you may not be able to prevent every mishap, you can diminish some potential hazards. Shield your skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Be sure to include a broad-spectrum sunscreen in your first-aid kit, especially for a day by the shore. Mediband offers a convenient travel sunscreen with SPF 50+ and a handy tottle clip.

Beware of Bites & Stings

Besides being an irritating nuisance, bugs and snakes can be dangerous. Their bites can also be very painful. When repellent doesn’t discourage the bushland or waterway pests from attacking, you’ll want first-rate treatment for rapid relief. Include itch relief sachets in your basic first aid kit, and take along our St John Bites and Stings First Aid Kit for more comprehensive care. This pack is equipped with everything you need to alleviate pain caused by common insects or snakes. A soothing cold pack to reduce swelling is also included

Specialised First-Aid Kits for Camping

Setting up camp deep in the woodlands is appealing, yet it comes with the risks of being in a remote area. As you will be far from medical assistance, you'll need safety tools for accidents or emergencies. A pair of sharp-blunt scissors, tweezers and a sterile needle are all handy items. An emergency blanket is also useful. It is essential in the event of frigid nights or if a member of your family takes ill. With all these items, as well as a disposable poncho, matches in a waterproof wrapping and a whistle/compass, our St John Just in Case Camping Kit is ideal. This first aid kit will cover you in the event of any crisis.

First Aid Kits Must Be Kept Safe

Take care to protect your first aid kits from the elements. Even with all the essential supplies, a torn or water-logged first aid kit isn't helpful for anyone who suffers injury. Direct sun overheats medications and render them useless. Moisture can corrode or damage your equipment.

Store your first aid kits in a dry, shaded place that is within reach. However, do not store them within reach of small children. All Mediband first aid kits are constructed from high-quality, durable, soft and waterproof materials.

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