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Largest range of MEN Accessories Jewellery Wipes in one place!

Whether it's for our mediband health related products - or any jewellery - these handy little wipes are ideal for cleaning everything jewellery related.


You're taking care of your health - so take care of the items that help you maintain that health. Everything gets a little grubby when worn close to the skin. Take care of your metal proiducts and even stain resistant silicone with a decent wipe-down every so often. You'll be amazed at how fresh and new your mediband products will look. 


Diabetes, epilepsy, reactions to medication, allergic reaction, asthma, heart condition, risk of anaphylaxis – whatever your medical condition and no matter what age group you fall into, a Mediband medical wristband is available. And now - you can take of all your products with these handy wipes.

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Jewellery Wipes
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