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It looks a little different, it looks a little…dare we say, rebel… having a bracelet on your wrist as a kid is a bit out of the ordinary so when kids have to wear a medical id alert bracelet, it’s not such a bad thing.


Children and medical ‘stuff’ is always difficult. They don’t want to stand out and don’t want people knowing.


Our silicone Mediband id wristbands are discreet (you can choose bands with the information on the inside), they’re tough so they stand up to the worst a kid can throw at them, they’re colourful, cool and just a little bit chic. Children don’t mind wearing them is the main point – so they keep your children safe.


In the event of a medical emergency responders can immediately act with the appropriate treatment. In the case of allergies and the like your child’s bracelet can do the ‘talking’ to teachers and carers.


Medical ID Bracelets aren’t a cure, but they are protective.

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