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Safeguard your children when travelling with Mediband&#39s Kids Travel Alerts including stickers and disposable wristbands.


If you’ve ever travelled with young children you’ll know the stress of keeping an eye on them in busy train stations, at huge airports and tourist areas and the distractions inherent in trying to get tickets or tours organised in a different language whilst still keeping an eye on the kids – who are undoubtedly bored, restless and up for adventure.


It’s tough. It’s tougher and scarier if they suffer a medical condition that has safety implications.


What to do? Answer – travel with Mediband Travel IDs. These magical little bracelets just strap on to a small wrist, they have the word ‘Emergency’ in your destination language and they have room on the reverse to handwrite in any details you think are appropriate. Name, contact number, details of the medical condition. It means that should something happen, not only are there contact details in place but information that medical personnel can use.


All Mediband Kids Travel Alerts include complimentary 1 year access to MedibandPlus.


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Kids Travel IDs
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