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Why should you wear medical ID?  Click the orange banner below to learn why.  Or, scroll down to view Mediband's large and stylish, easy to wear range of custom medical ID alert products!

Custom Medical ID
So you’re special? Special enough to need very specific information on your medical id alert wristband, bracelet, necklace or dog tag. If you need specific medical information on a band for medical professionals our custom service can help. This is obviously important in cases where specific treatment is required or where you are allergic to certain items that aren’t that common.


There are limits to what we can fit on to an item, but we're adept at fitting what's required! Just contact us if you need help.


This is good news for people with rare medical conditions or medical conditions that require a very specific treatment. It lets you live your life without being fearful of a medical event far from home. Our range is broad enough to suit most professions – from corporate professional to uni students and busy workers. To create your own personalised custom silicone medical ID bracelet, simply enter your desired text, size and quantity. You can also choose to include the Mediband logo and/or the Star of Life medical emblems.


Protect yourself or a loved one. Wear medical ID by Mediband;


Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen.


• Insure against incorrect diagnosis & treatment


• Raise awareness of medical conditions such as diabetes and allergies


• Provide vital medical & contact information in emergencies


Seconds count in emergencies and sometimes medical first responders are not always available immediately. In this cases, a medical ID alert can help.
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