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Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen.


Lymphedema Alert Medical ID Bracelet

At Mediband, we work hard to help you stay safe and feel protected at all times. If you suffer from lymphedema, we have you covered. Our medical bands make it easy to alert others of your risks. 

Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen.

Understanding Lymphedema.

First, lymphedema refers to swelling because of fluid buildup in your lymph nodes. Generally, this condition affects the limbs and leads to swelling and associated pain. It is caused because of blockages within the lymphatic system.

There are two main types of lymphedema: congenital and secondary. The congenital form occurs from problems in the lymphatic system. It is often detected and diagnosed soon after birth.

Secondary forms occur because of other medical conditions. Examples include infections and trauma. Furthermore, it often occurs due to cancer and cancer treatment.

Lymphedema is the collection of excessive lymph fluid in tissues, causing it to swell. It normally affects the limbs, and is caused by obstruction of the lymphatic system. There are two types of lymphedema, primary (congenital) lymphedema and secondary lymphedema.

Primary lymphedema is caused by a congenital malformation of the lymphatic system, and becomes apparent shortly after birth, while secondary lymphedema occurs as a result of a separate medical condition, such as an infection, injury, trauma, cancer, cancer treatment or the removal or damage of lymph nodes. Lymphedema patients are more susceptible to skin and lymph vessel infections, which if left untreated could result in a whole-body inflammatory response known as sepsis. 

Treatment Options.

There is no known cure for lymphedema. However, there are lots of treatments to help manage it and feel better. Because of the swelling and lymph node problems, treatment also requires a few ongoing care requirements.

  • No Blood Pressure Tests on Affected Limbs.
  • Also, No IV Needles in Affected Limbs.

These treatments are highly common and used by first responders. This is also why it’s so vital to alert medical staff of your condition.

There is no known cure for lymphedema, and therefore it is important to know how to maintain your daily lifestyle while diagnosed with this condition. Conveying this information to any attending medical professional is essential as patients with lymphedema are not able to under go a blood pressure test nor have an IV or any needle inserted into the affected limb. This further exacerbates the swelling in the limb, and results in more restricted movement and discomfort.

One of the best ways to alert forst responders is with a Mediband wristband. Let them know how to treat you and what not to do. This is vital if you can’t talk when something happens.

Wearing a Lymphedema Alert Medical ID Wristband alerts any attending medical professionals to your condition even if you are unable to, therefore ensuring that no needles or blood pressure cuffs are used on the affected limb, preventing further deterioration of your health. Wearing a Lymphedema Alert Medical ID Wristband also alerts attending medical professionals to your susceptibility to infections, and therefore extra precautions will be taken to ensure your health is stable while you're being treated, even for a condition completely unrelated. Stay safe with our Lymphedema Alert Medical ID Wristband today! 

Why Choose Mediband?

  • Comfortable and Easy to Wear.

Medical bracelets come in a variety of sizes. They won’t irritate or chafe your skin. Therefore, you can feel free to wear them at all times. In fact, you may not even notice you’re wearing it.

  • Strong and Durable Silicone Material.

Next, each medical band is made from medical grade silicone. This material is built to last. And that means you won’t have to worry about breaking it, losing it, and other problems.

  • Clear and Easy to Read Text.

Our bracelets clearly display “No Blood Pressure No Needles” in clear text. Medical staff will have no problem reading this text. And that will ensure you’ll get the proper care in any emergency situation.

  • Low Prices with Quick Delivery.

Mediband wants everyone to have the medical bracelets they need for their safety. This is why we work hard to keep our prices low.

We also provide volume discounts for bulk orders. This makes them great for doctor’s offices, pharmacies, oncology departments, and more. Furthermore, our shipping options can get your wristbands to your door the next day.

  • Simple and Safe.

Mediband wristbands give you a simple and easy way to improve your safety. Just one wristband provides helpful warnings when you can’t speak because of an emergency. It’s the perfect way to protect yourself no matter what happens.

Medical Organisations: Improve Patient Care with Mediband.

Mediband Lymphedema bands are a great item to stock in an office or a doctor's surgery. Doctors can help their patients to feel a little safer with these medical ID bracelets.

Mediband offers products for all sorts of conditions. Also, it’s an easy way for care givers to improve their patient care.

These wristbands are great for all of these places:

  • Pharmacies.
  • Hospitals.
  • Oncology Departments.
  • Doctor’s Offices.

Mediband: Making Safety Easy for You.

Lymphedema is a difficult and painful condition to endure. Other axillary lymph node problems cause lots of pain as well. But current treatment options can help you manage the problems and prevent undue pain. And a Mediband wristband ensures you’ll always get the right care when you need it.

Whether you're a patient or a medical facility, order your lymphedema wristbands today. You’ll love how easy it is to stay protected no matter what happens.

Phrase 1:  Alert! Lymphedema  

Phrase 2:  No BP or Needles in this Arm

Colour: Pink 
Colour Infill: White, Sliver & Yellow

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