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Do you want the freedom to be completely customisable about the medical needs you have? Then a write-on medical id bracelet is your answer.


Mediband write-on wristbands feature a white write-on area in the inner circle of the band. All you need do is source a permanent marker pen (we sell them on this site) and then you write in the directions you want made clear. Once you’ve written your condition and / or instructions submerge the band for 30 seconds in hot water. This sets the ink on the surface silicone area permanently. It won’t mark or smudge and will stay clear for months and years.


You won’t be able to edit or re-write anything once the area has been ‘set’ so make sure you get it right first time round. (You can purchase a number of bands at the one time – they’re inexpensive enough to justify this.)


There’s a range of styles, colours and widths to suit most uses. If you want the freedom to personalise your exact medical needs, the write-on bracelet from Mediband is the answer.


See our recommended marker: Staedtler® permanent Lumocolor Pen

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