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First Aid

Stay Safe in Australia with a First Aid Kit! As well as knowing some basic first aid techniques, it is important that households and workplaces have a first aid kit that meets their needs and is well organised, fully stocked and readily available at all times. The first aid kit contents should be appropriate to cope with a range of emergency situations, depending on the needs. It’s also a good idea to have a number of first-aid kits handy in different places, such as in the home, car or office. Mediband stocks a large range of St John Ambulance & Trafalgar First-Aid Kits each suitable for a number of purposes from home, car, playground, outdoors, holidays, garden, caravan & camping, boat, sport and off road and more. Is your home and business in Australia prepared for an emergency? Make sure you have a first aid kit at the ready for those emergencies you least expect!

First Aid
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