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Largest range of Custom ID Bracelets in one place!

Cool but elegant, casual but chic. If you want a medical id wristband in a style to suit your lifestyle you’ve come to the right place. Our silicone medical wristbands are hard-wearing but flexible, they’re tough but won’t catch on an awkward edge. They’re silicone but stylish. Best of all they’re priced so that you can afford to have as many as you need to suit the life you have.

Mediband's metal jewellery ID are also second to none in functionality and style - and may save your life in an emergency where seconds count! Formal (ish)? Casual? Energetic? Physical? We have a colour, a style and a look to match. And if you’re buying for children, we cater well to the wants and whims of kids and adults alike. Living with a medical condition may not have been your ideal choice, but it is what it is. You choose how you wish to deal with it, but what we can do is help by making sure that wherever you are, medical assistance can supply the appropriate treatment in as little a time frame as possible. This is often the key to a satisfactory outcome – not the event itself, but the response.

All mediband medical ID is designed in Australia and made for Australian conditions.  Mediband is wholly Australian owned and proudly serving the Australian community since 2004!

Protect yourself or a loved one. Wear medical ID by Mediband Australia.

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