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Custom Colour Mediband

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Custom Silicone Medical ID Alert Bracelet

Can't find what you're after? Why not CREATE YOUR OWN custom silicone medical ID bracelet for your particular medical condition and to record your emergency contact information.

To create your own personalised custom silicone medical ID bracelet, simply enter your desired text, size and quantity. You can also choose to include the Mediband logo and/or the Star of Life medical emblems.

Protect yourself or a loved one by wearing custom medical ID by Mediband

Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen. Mediband is an emergency medical information service providing ready-to-wear and custom engraved identification alert bracelets and 24hr-accessible web-based medical information to medical personnel and first responders in emergencies. Mediband medical alert bracelets provide peace-of-mind so that when the unexpected occurs, critical medical information can be conveyed to emergency personnel.

  • Insure against incorrect diagnosis & treatment
  • Raise awareness of medical conditions such as allergies
  • Provide vital medical & contact information in emergencies

Custom Medibands cater for any specific conditions such as Allergies, Diabetes and Epilepsy amongst others - custom medical ID bracelets can record any details you need, including contact information in both english and any ofther language you might require. Custom Mediband medical ID bracelets can be linked to the MedibandPlus web-based medical database enabling subscribers to store medical information for emergency access.

The medical wristbands are available in a range of colours and sizes. They are also designed to break when enough force is applied to prevent snagging or catching injuries. Mediband ID bracelets are comfortable, fun to wear and look great!  Wearing a medical ID bracelet will provide a visible warning should your health or medical condition prevent you from communicating.

The minimum order quantity for a custom medical bracelet order is 7 bracelets. This is to ensure that Mediband offers a competitive price per band, offsetting the high set up cost of production. Simply put, rather than charging the same amount for 1 band, we offer 7. Some of our customers have commented that the extra medical ID are useful to keep in the car, at work and at home in case you forget or lose your Mediband medical ID.  The great news is that you can mix the colours up in your order for some variety.

All text is engraved on the outside of this silicone medical bracelet.  If you require text to be engraved on the inside only, we suggest the custom designer reversible medibands.

For single medical ID wristband options, see our in-stock range of medical conditions and write on bands here.

Preview of band:

  • Step 1 - Enter Text

      Maximum number of characters: 25

  • Step 2 - Secondary Text Area
      • Maximum number of characters: 25

      • Maximum number of characters: 25

        Maximum number of characters: 25

  • Step 3 - Select Font
  • Step 4 - Select Wristband Colour
      Want bundles of different wristband colours? Minimum 3 per colour.
  • Step 5 - Select Text Colour
    • Select Text Colour
        For best effect, select a text colour that contrasts with your bracelet colour
  • Step 6 - Select Bracelet Size
    View Size Chart
  • Step 7 - Select Logo
  • Step 8 - Select Logo Colour
  • Order Notes
      “Please include any further instructions for your order. e.g. additional/longer texts, colours & fonts, artwork placement, different colour bundles, if this order is urgent please contact us directly & provide date below …
  • Upgrade To Mediband Plus
      Free 1 Year Emergency Medical Membership

      i. MedibandPlus Membership ID will be debossed as follows:
      - Double line of text 1: medical Hx “your membership number”
      - Double line of text 2: @ www.medibp.com

      ii. Selecting "YES - Upgrade to Mediband Plus" will REMOVE your original text on Double line of text 1 and 2. To deboss additional details, please put it in other text area above if available.

      iii. To sign up, please visit www.medibandplus.com and enter code: FREE
  • Buy 7 for $5.74 each and save  5%
  • Buy 10 for $4.31 each and save  29%
  • Buy 20 for $3.80 each and save  38%
  • Buy 40 for $3.44 each and save  44%
  • Buy 50 for $3.16 each and save  48%
  • Buy 100 for $2.88 each and save  53%

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