Medical ID Bracelet - The Foolproof Way To Ensuring Your Child's Safety

medical id bracelet, children, medical condition, allergyChildren with illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or epilepsy, among other life-threatening diseases, should carry easily visible information to ensure passers-by can quickly understand that they need help in the event of an emergency when you’re not around.

While you could have them carry a slip in their pocket or wallet detailing their condition, paper can get damaged or lost. A medical ID bracelet is worn on the wrist and is indestructible. A allergy or medical ID bracelet also provides immediate visibility to passers-by and first responders, giving parents invaluable peace of mind when separated from their children.

Not the average medical ID bracelet

Little ones can be very obstinate and may not want to show the world – or their peers – that they have a medical condition. That’s where Medibands come in. Unlike other medical ID bracelets, Medibands for kids aren’t the stereotypical, unattractive bands your child may have seen on an older person – and associated with being uncool. They're slimline and colourful as opposed to being chunky and dull to look at, and come in an array of alternative colours and styles.

Get your child to pick out their own Mediband to make sure they feel like it's their choice to wear it and that it represents their own tastes and interests. Kids that have chosen their personal colours and styles for their Mediband are more likely to keep it at all times.

Customisation options

For the most style-savvy kids, there are options for customisation to help make sure they feel like the band is truly “theirs.” This will reinforce the idea their Mediband is an accessory and not merely something they are forced to wear.

Bands can also be customised to include names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as specific medical conditions and required actions.

medical id bracelet, children, medical condition, allergy

Allergy or illness alerts

Having a medical ID bracelet to remind your children’s sitter or school that they have an allergy or illness is always useful, but it’s also a great talking point that reinforces to others that your child might require special attention one day. It even serves as a way of getting the child themselves to remember to take their medication, or avoid eating certain foods.

Why should you go silicone?

Other reasons for opting for Medibands, particularly the silicone types, are that they’re durable enough for everyday wear and are also water resistant so your fun-loving child can keep them on everywhere – even while bathing or playing outside. They’re also very light, so your little one will forget they’re wearing it – ensuring they won't fiddle with it and take it off their arm. Even the most active children won’t mind keeping it on daily as the silicone materials mean nothing will hurt if bumped and their Mediband won't get caught on anything.

Budget buy

Our Medibands are also excellent for parents on a budget as they're far less expensive than traditional medical ID bracelets but are top quality, durable, and stylish, You can even afford to buy several for when your child loses one. Spares can be kept in a drawer, in the car and extras can be given to schools, day care, or team personnel in case of emergency.

The bottom line

It is important to identify any medical emergency as quickly as possible. Getting emergency help immediately can make the difference between life and death. To ensure first responders have the information required to ensure the safety of your child in an emergency, consider a Mediband.

It's not only for your child's safety, it's for your peace of mind, too.

Worry less, live more with the Mediband.

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