Medical Bracelets for Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Medical Bracelets for Nursing Homes & Hospitals
In nursing homes and hospitals, safety is of paramount concern for patients and residents. In many cases, your loved ones simply lack the ability to effectively communicate any medical issues or concerns they may have. In cases like this, who can speak for your loved ones if they can’t speak for themselves?

The answer to this question is much simpler than you might imagine – a medical ID bracelet. Mediband Medical Bracelets quickly and easily communicate important medical information in both nursing homes and hospitals. They give the staff an easy way to know exactly what’s going on. That way, there’s no confusion about what to do should an emergency situation arise.

Doctors recommend the use of these medical bracelets as a simple and effective communication tool. Soft and comfortable to wear, one quick glance and a doctor, nurse, attendant or any other professional will know potential issues, allergies, and medications being taken.

Who Needs a Medical Bracelet?

You can give your loved one in a hospital or nursing home one of these med alert bracelets for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Current Medication Being Taken

Medical Bracelets for Nursing Homes & HospitalsAlerting medical and support staff of current medications is extremely important for consistency of care. In many cases, medicine can interact and cause adverse reactions. Even routine options like over-the-counter pain medications can react with other medications.

A medic alert bracelet that describes current medications can help prevent any type of problem with combining the wrong types of medicines. It leaves no question as to what a loved one will need – and what to avoid.

  • Specific Medical Conditions

Right alongside current medications, outlining medical conditions is also an extremely important concern. Conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, and even Alzheimer’s or dementia often affect our loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes. In many cases, those who suffer from these conditions cannot directly communicate any problems they may be experiencing.

In emergency medical conditions, it’s critically important for EMS and attendants to understand what’s happening. An emergency such as a diabetic or epileptic seizure is much better handled when personnel know what condition is affecting a patient.

In emergency situations like this, a simple silicone bracelet can solve many of the issues related to your loved ones’ inability to communicate. And it quickly and easily gives medical professionals the information they need to better treat these medically elevated situations.

Medical Bracelets for Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Here’s a simple scenario: imagine that your loved one is a resident in a nursing home. One of the attendants accidentally comes into contact with peanuts – which your loved one is extremely allergic to. When the attendant assists your loved one, she goes into anaphylactic shock – a very serious emergency medical situation.

Allergies are an extremely important component to providing safe ongoing care for your loved ones. Allergies to medications, foods, or other substances can quickly escalate into life-threatening situations. Accordingly, it’s important for staff to know exactly what’s happening in emergencies – and to quickly respond with accurate treatment.

With a clear and straightforward medic alert bracelet, allergies can be clearly identified for accurate care in emergencies. In serious situations like this, something as simple as a bracelet that says ‘PEANUT ALLERGY’ can ensure safe treatment in during medically elevated situations.

Mediband Medical Bracelets: A Simple Solution

Medical Bracelets for Nursing Homes & HospitalsMaking sure that your loved one is both safe and happy in a hospital or a nursing home can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. In the world of technology, it’s easy to believe that you need a complex technological solution to help ensure their safety.

However, as Mediband medical bracelets show you, simpler is better when it comes to communication. A simple, inexpensive and comfortable silicone wristband can give medical staff all the information they need – quickly and easily. And when it comes to providing prompt medical care, there’s no better way to communicate than through something simple, fast and convenient.



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