Case Study: Annalissa of Marsfield, NSW

1)      Why did you buy a Mediband?
Over the last few years, I have developed several allergies and intolerances.  A few worrying experiences in hospitals, where staff were not always aware of my allergies, and the fear that I might need treatment when I can't tell people what I'm allergic to, made me decide to purchase some kind of medical alert jewellery. Several metal versions have broken, and there is not enough space to list what I need written.  I also play sports where no jewellery is allowed.  The Mediband is easy to get on and off for a game.  Mediband has lasted through a year of travel, work (childcare), DIY, gardening, swimming, and general busy life without losing any colour or fill.

2)      For what purpose are you using your Mediband?
At first, I bought it for traveling solo, so that if I ended up in an emergency situation staff would know that I have allergies.  In hospitals, there is usually someone who speaks English, so I felt more confident about potential treatments.  Back home, in a new job, the Mediband has helped colleagues recognise that I have medical issues and be a bit more tolerant about the fact I have allergies.

3)      How did you find out about Mediband?
Searched on the internet  - found many that were metal, but in the past metal medical jewellery has broken too quickly or is too hard to get on and off, and is always expensive.  Searched several silicon bands, but expensive...  Mediband was the product I needed at a good price.  Also liked the range of available and custom options.

4)      What are the main benefits of Mediband for you?
Mostly covered above; especially the reversible designs, so that I can have the bands on, but not display my allergies to all.  Also budget so that I can have spares in case it breaks (hasn't yet - and it's been through several countries, safaris, Dead Sea, Red Sea and now the Pacific!)

5)      Would you recommend Mediband to others?
Indeed (especially once now MedibandPlus is active - wish I had *that* while traveling)!  I have in fact recommended it to my workplace for children with allergies or conditions, and excursions.

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