Premium Fabric Adhesive Strips from Mediband

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Special Price $3.00


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Quick Overview

Premium Fabric Adhesive Strips

Premium Fabric Strips

Recommended for general use that requires added protection.


Trafalgar’s Premium Fabric Adhesive Strips contains a protective non-stick wound pad that seals all around, which protects cuts, scratches and abrasions without sticking to them.

Sterile and conforms easily to body’s contours.

Trafalgar's extra hold adhesive lasts longer, meaning that you can keep them on until you want to remove them.


  • Conforming – Flexibility for comfort.
  • Non-Stick Wound Pad – Protective cushion for the wound.
  • Extra Hold – Adhesive that holds and last longer.
  • Island Dressing – Seals all around, protecting the wound.
  • Extra Wide – 25mm wide for extra coverage.



  • 50 fabric strips
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