Robot - Reversible Write On Medical Bracelet from Mediband

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Wear your unique conditions and emergency details on your sleeve with a Write On Mediband

Ensuring your child's safety when you're not around is not an easy thing to maintain, especially if your child has a medical condition that can jeopardize her safety. At school, on trips, at a friend's house, how do you ensure that the supervising adults are able to care for your child in an emergency? Our Robot Reversible Write On Medical Bracelet is what you need to keep your child safe when away from home. The Robot desgin on the outer side of the wristband makes it a cute and fun accessory that they're happy to wear, and you won't worry about them taking it off halfway through the day. The inner side of the wristband has a white Write-On Strip for you to write on any information you feel is vital to ensure your child's safety. Things that people like to include on their write-on wristbands are what their medical condition are, the type of symptoms that present, instructions on what to do in the case of an emergency, and a contact number. Some also include the type of medications that your child might need, or even where to find an EpiPen in your child's bag in case of an anaphylactic reaction. This wristband is discrete with your child's medical information, but easily recognized as a medical ID by paramedics or other medical professionals as the Star of Life logo is presented brightly and clearly on the outer side of the wristband. The Star of LIfe logo is a universally recognized Emergency Medical Services logo that all medical professionals can instantly identify. Protect your child with our Robot Reversible Write On Medical Bracelet! 


Robot Design

Colour: Light Blue & Yellow

Logos: Star of life & Mediband Logo


Phrase 1: Alert! Medical Condition

Write on Strip


Using permanent marker pen, write your desired phrases on the white write on strip. Mediband recommends Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker.

Submerge in boiled water for 30 seconds to set pen marking.

Please note that further writing on the band after setting in hot water will not work.

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