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Your essential guide to managing diabetes successfully and living a full life Don't just survive — thrive! Diabetes For Dummies, 3rd Australian edition, brings you right up to date with the latest research, treatment and management approaches for all types of diabetes. This book is essential reading whether you have diabetes yourself or are supporting a friend or relative with the condition. Reduce your diabetes risk — understand and avoid the causes of prediabetes and diabetes Recognise the importance of diet and exercise — adopt a healthy eating plan and exercise regime that works for you Keep on top of self-monitoring and medication — learn what's new in research and treatment in Australia, and what advances are on the horizon Deal with the emotional challenges of having diabetes — understand how your mental health affects your physical health and develop coping styles that work over the long term Prevent short-term and long-term complications — know how to deal with low or very high blood glucose and find out how diabetes can affect your kidneys, nervous system, heart and eyes Manage diabetes in children and older people — care for your child from infancy to self-management and help support the older person with diabetes
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