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  • "A comfy medical id wristband giving me the peace of mind knowing that I am wearing a very visible alert to my potential medical condition.
Thanks Mediband - a competitive price even from halfway around the world." --Pacman, UK. 
Grab Yours: http://ow.ly/ygJq30dFWys
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Day 11 - Medical bracelet

We use mediband as they come in lots of bright colours, they have kids sizes and have many options of text. Thai doesn’t wear his all the time but we still use them when we travel, in large crowds or on school excursions.

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  • Reviewed by Patrick in the UK "This type of bracelet is ideal for those with Parkinson's, who have difficulty with fastening small clasps, yet need the protection of a medical alert band. It can be worn 24/7; you can put it on & forget it!" Grab Yours Today: http://ow.ly/X2TY30bbbsj 
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  • Celebrating National Diabetes Week.
  • "This is fantastic for my daughter who is good at losing everything! She never has to take it off swimming, shower, anything. I had considered buying her the medic alert bracelet before but decided not to because she would lose it, however with this and with 6 more in my drawer she is all set for years! Now if she has a seizure my phone number is right there on her wrist which gives me peace of mind."--PM, New Zealand
  • "Love my new  wristband.  I forget its even there unlike my old medical id, which was heavy & often falling off my wrist. Love the colours.  Great Service too.  Thank You! " --Ann, Australia
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  • "So very happy that I can create a medical band exactly as I want. Very durable and comfortable.  Long lasting, washable. Very reasonable price and excellent service by the company." --Guest, US.
  • "I have a serious medical problem and allergies and hated wearing the metal medical alert bands which catch on door handles, need to be removed for swimming etc.. Now I wear two silicon bands all day, every day and they never come off. I am happy and so is my doctor.
Problem solved!" --Omar, Australia.
  • "Love the write-on part of this mediband. Now I can fit my medical details on!"
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The New Additions: Reversible Designer Turquoise Range. Available in Insulin Dependent Diabetes and Anaphylaxis.
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Ibuprofen is a commonly used painkiller that is great for dealing with headaches, backaches and other similar problems. 
However for some people ibuprofen can have unpleasant side effects that make it part of the problem rather than part of the solution. In some cases these allergic reactions can even be dangerous. 
Wearing a Mediband can take to make others aware of your condition if you are ever caught in a situation where you can't speak for yourself.
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Visit: www.mediband.com

  • "Love the write-on part of this mediband.  Now I can fit my medical details on!"
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  • Our super cute robot write on wristband. Who said Medical ID bracelets can't be cute? 
Get yours: http://ow.ly/uRx030cjoWr

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We started on a personal mission to make Medical bracelets, Medical ID and Emergency ID cool in Australia - so that both kids & adults would wear them. Because 'you must wear this for your safety' doesn't work. (Who knew!) Boring and medical becomes cool and wearable allergy medical ID. Health and safety awareness becomes an everyday, wearable ID Bracelets lifesaver. We aspire to rigid standards of quality. We seek out craftsmanship. We love creativity, but more importantly we love making the world a safer place - Make sure you wear an identity bracelet today!
Every experience with us should be easy. From browsing our medical bracelets & medical ID to choosing the message and colours you want. From payment to order fulfilment. Whether you're looking for custom silicone medical ID bracelets, medical jewellery, ID wallet cards or other Mediband safety products, your interaction should feel intuitive and inspiring. And rest assured, all medical ID products undergo high-stress testing and pass all relevant Australian safety tests.
Mediband is scrupulous in making your online shopping safe. We offer secure payment options for a seamless experience. We accept major credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club in addition to local payment options like PayPal and Paypal Express. Your transactions are encrypted and we do not keep your credit card details on file. Safety - across the board - is our watchword.  Mediband also values your privacy.
Our range of safety & medical ID products is huge! We offer medical identification products in a range of colours and styles to suit men, women and kids. We understand everyone has different 'fashion' needs. You will find medical ID & identity bracelets to suit your life, gender and style, from medical bracelets for women and mens id bracelets, including id jewelry. Classic silicone wristbands, elegant designs, or bold, primary colours. Medical jewellery, medical ID wallet cards and more. Can't find something? We'll customise, from custom silicone medical ID bracelets to custom medical ID jewellery, bracelets and necklaces.
We offer tracked and non-tracked shipping for medical alert wristbands & other health and safety items to all countries including Australia, NZ, USA and UK. Your order will be dispatched within 48 hours of payment, but delivery times may vary within country. Custom orders will take a little longer, depending on item request and order size. Shipping method is secure.  Both regular & express shipping of your ID Bracelets Australia wide is available.