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Who are you? (Medical ID Bracelet saves lives.)

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Mediband Medical IDIf you’re living with diabetes (or a member of the family is), you’ll know the importance of quick action in the event of a collapse. Nothing can be scarier than an accident where you’re unable to respond to questions or, worse, where passers-by (or police) think a non-reactive hypoglycaemic patient is drunk or drugged.

Professional responders are now trained to look for a medical alert bracelet (like our Mediband or MedibandPlus wristband) and, once identified, the correct medical recovery actions can be started immediately.

A Mediband alert bracelet is so simple,  yet so impactful.

If you’re dealing with a health problem in your family you really need a medical bracelet. A MedibandPlus medic alert bracelet lets professionals quickly diagnose the problem should (more…)

Staying healthy while dealing with illness

Monday, December 9th, 2013

If you’re dealing with illness in the family then you’ll know how important peripheral heath is. Things like keeping food poisoning at bay! A simple bout of gastro may not be quite so simple to someone in the family dealing with a bigger health issue.

The Mayo Clinic recommends keeping leftovers for no more than four days in the fridge. If you don’t intend to eat leftovers  immediately, freeze them. Contrary to popular opinion your grandmother’s sniff test doesn’t pick spoiled food! Bacteria doesn’t typically change the taste, sight, or smell of food. If in the slightest doubt, toss.

If you’re dealing with a new health problem in your family consider our medical bracelets. A MedibandPlus medic alert bracelet lets professionals quickly diagnose the problem should you be out of the house and away from people who know what the problem is likely to be. (more…)

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

We all know how a good night’s sleep makes us feel – more energised, more alert and better able to face the day. Yet another study has emphasised just how true this is. The study, published online by the Journal of Adolescent Health analysed data from 2,700 US teens aged 13 to 18. Of these, 30% said they went ot bed later than 11.30pm. By the time they graduated, the study clearly shows that the sleep deprived kids had lower marks and more emotional problems than the other children. The message is clear – get your teen to bed at an earlier time.

Here are some tips on getting teens to sleep earlier.

1. Turn off the wifi feeding phones and computers at 10pm. (more…)

Coloured wristband scheme improving patient care at Livingstone Hospital, Dartford

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Colour Coded Hospital WristbandsColours Reducing Falls is an award-winning programme launched at the Livingstone Hospital in Dartford, run by Kent Community Health NHS Trust. All patients are assessed by the physiotherapy team, which decides how much help they need and what their risk of falling might be. They are given a red, yellow or green wrist band to alert other staff.

Senior Physiotherapist Sam Gohir, said: “We trialled this programme two years ago as a simple way of making sure all staff in our hospital knew the needs of every patient. It allows us to take into account all the factors that might affect a patient’s fall risk, such as if they have dementia, mobility issues or a lack of confidence.

“It has worked fantastically well and in the first six (more…)

Track your health!

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Up by JawboneThere has been a flurry of devices that track your fitness regimes, your sleep and your diet over the past couple of years and if you’re serious about your health, maybe you should give it a shot too?

Fitbit is a device that wraps around your wrist much like a watch and tracks the steps you take on a daily basis. It has rudimentary sleep tracking and an app that it uploads all the data to giving you a birds eye view of how much exercise you get. You can manually track your food intake through the app and, although it’s a manual process, it will help the dedicated with calorie counts and more.

Jawbone UP is similar but gets a better rap for the accuracy of the data and the usefulness of the app that powers it. Forums indicate, however, that the company has quality control issues.

The beauty of these devices (and there are others), is that they let you take an active role in your health. You can drive your exercise routines and the competitive nature of humans will hopefully do the rest.

If you’re dealing with health issues in your family, medical bracelets are a worthwhile investment – and cheap at that! A MedibandPlus medic alert bracelet tells anyone on scene what the issue potentially is.

Mediband medical alert bracelets are ideal for anyone (more…)

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