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Concerns schools failing to recognise deadly allergies

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

The parents of a Victorian teenager who died on school camp say they are concerned Australian schools and the wider community are failing to realise that food allergies can kill.

A Victorian Coroner found Melbourne’s prestigious Scotch College had failed in its duty to ensure 13-year-old Nathan Francis’s health and welfare.

The peak support group for allergy sufferers, Anaphylaxis Australia, says a national approach to allergy education is desperately needed.

It is urging the Federal Government to step in to address what it says is the “chaotic” implementation of guidelines designed to protect children with severe food allergies. (more…)

Kroger now offering medical ID bracelets & Medibands

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Local Kroger shoppers may notice a new product at the pharmacy.

Kroger has recently begun selling stylish, new medical ID bracelets and other medical ID jewelry that can be ordered online or by phone.

Medical ID jewelry immediately alerts caregivers to the wearer’s medical conditions. Most pieces carry the Medical Alert symbol and can be customized at no additional charge with engraved information about the medical condition of the wearer. The jewelry is recommended for anyone who suffers from a variety of conditions such as diabetes, asthma, blood disorders, heart disease and severe drug, food or insect allergies. The jewelry will help in an emergency situation where the wearer may need medical care but is incapacitated and unable to explain their conditions. (more…)

Staying healthy in an unhealthy world!

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

 When faced with a life-threatening condition, there are no second chances.   If you have a condition that others need to be aware of in a time of need, consider MedibandPlus – details here. And in the mean time, stay happy, healthy and safe.

1. Obesity starts climbing again

The rates of obesity – and in most of the western world – plateaued for a while. But they’re growing again. It’s estimated that by 2030 42% of population in the US will be obese. And let’s be clear – obese is not chubby, it’s seriously  over weight. The types of foods we now eat are partly to blame – 60 years or so ago those sorts of processed foods simply didn’t exist with such massive calories and our bodies couldn’t deal with them anyway. But we’ve adapted; our calorie intake is massive and it needs to reduce or the impact of lives will be huge.

2. Want to reduce your teen’s exposure to sun? Appeal to their vanity say these guys. Tell them how wrinkled their skin will look in just a few short years, how it will age them prematurely and how bad all those early crows feet around the eyes will look in just a few short years. Vanity is big in teenagers, as we all probably remember, so this expert panel’s advice is worth a shot!  (more…)

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