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If you have a medical condition that may require intervention, you need to wear a MedibandPlus bracelet. The benefits could be a life-saver. There’s more information here.

1. How to help your child lose weight. Lose weight yourself. An article in Science Daily suggests that a parent’s weight is the biggest indicator of a child’s weight and weight loss by the parent will enable the child to better lose weight.  parent’s are role models and teachers.

2. A good night’s sleep helps your heart. An article published in Medical News Today says Sleep Apnea could be bad for your heart. It may distort the shape and function of the heart leading to heart wall thickening, increased mass and a decreased ability to pump blood.

3. Losing weight after pregnancy. Women naturally gain weight during pregnancy in order to feed baby, but retaining the weight after birth is not the desired outcome. A story in Science Daily suggests that the most effective and safest way to lose weight is to diet and exercise; not just diet or exercise alone. Combine the two, increase the weight loss.

4. Keeping our brains young. The scariest thought of all for most people is the chances of losing our marbles as we grow older. This article says that there are several ways to keep your brain active, in good shape and ‘young’. First is to lose weight, second is to stop smoking, third is learn something new regularly. So take that Community College course, start using your left hand instead of the right to brush your teeth with. Exercise regularly and eat well – avoiding processed or takeaway foods.

5. Look after your eyes. New research is suggesting that a regular eye check will help in more ways than one.  Even minimal damage including blood vessels (that blood shot look we all hate) can indicate a higher risk for memory loss. Essentially, see an eye professional every 12 months – 2 years and if they think you have vascular issues, go and see your GP for further tests.

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